Jiunn Liu

Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto

The Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto is another Foundation release that's a hitter. At this point, new releases from Nick should become an auto buy. Barnyard funktastic, earthy, nutty, sweet. I'll also add, it doesn't matter where it's made. It's good, so just go buy at least a few.

Casa Magna XV Anniversary

Team Cigar Review: Casa Magna XV Anniversary

Hey, what do you know, an anniversary cigar that is actually worth smoking and buying! The Casa Magna XV Anniversary showed a nuanced approach with a unique interplay of spices, followed by good softness in cream and cedar. Buy and try for sure.

Foundation Metapa Maduro Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Foundation Metapa Maduro Robusto

Typically, Nick does a great job of creating his own unique blends that are different than a lot of the homogenous blends out there, especially out of AJF. But this cigar isn't the case. It tastes more like a spicier, stronger version of most AJF cigars. The monotony of strength and heavy handed earthiness isn't palate enticing. As a result, the Foundation Metapa Maduro Robusto is a pass for me.

Stolen Throne Yorktown Fleet Torpedo

Team Cigar Review: Stolen Throne Yorktown Fleet Torpedo

The first third in itself was so fun and unique to smoke. The intricacies of the flavors were downright awesome. Unfortunately, the latter two thirds became not as good and narrowed down the scope of the flavors. I would like to give this Stolen Throne Yorktown Fleet Torpedo another shot though, in the hopes of experiencing that first third goodness.

Fratello The Lunar Cameroon

Team Cigar Review: Fratello The Lunar Cameroon

Most cigars reviewed have a nice first third and tapers off the final two thirds. This Fratello The Lunar Cameroon in many ways is just that. However, I especially wish it was not so because of the enjoyment level of the first third. The first third's flavor profile danced around the milder but flavorful side of Cameroon. It's rarely tasted but it was pure deliciousness. But overall a lackluster two thirds created an average smoking experience.

Cavalier Genève Inner Circle Domaine Rouge Toro

Team Cigar Review: Cavalier Genève Inner Circle Domaine Rouge Toro

Cavalier Genève brings another winner into the cigar market with the Cavalier Genève Inner Circle Domaine Rouge Toro. This time, it feels like the first time I had a cigar from them, bringing elegance, easy going, and a well melded flavor profile. Smokers of premium classic brands such as Davidoff, Avo, CLE should really look at this brand, as surely there are gems to be found here.

Buenaventura Maduro BV 500

Team Cigar Review: Buenaventura Maduro BV 500

Up until this review, Buenaventura made some of the most easy going (yet flavorful) blends in the market. But this Buenaventura Maduro BV 500 turned that entirely upside down and the company decided to go balls to the wall on not just the strength, but a bold flavor profile. Unfortunately, the flavor profile wasn't pleasant so this is one of the few Buenaventuras that I can't recommend.

Powstanie Connecticut Toro

Team Cigar Review: Powstanie Connecticut Toro

This Powstanie Connecticut Toro is a nice showing of Connecticut Shade. I enjoyed the profile being more spice and tannins driven first and then followed by the softer side of sweet and creamy roasted mixed nuts. Great, especially for a kick starter of the day, or breakfast.

Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edición Diamante No. 2

Team Cigar Review: Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edición Diamante No. 2

Not gonna lie, I was ready to type about how this is the same AJ chef and therefore the same story as per usual. But I am wrong. Very wrong. This Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edición Diamante No. 2 was delicious, capturing not just AJ earthiness, but it was much more than that, delivering great notes of chocolate, minerals and sweetness. Very pricey indeed, but definitely worth trying.

JRE Aladino Classic Elegante

Team Cigar Review: JRE Aladino Classic Elegante

This JRE Aladino Classic Elegante is a well blended cigar, showcasing full flavors and balance. The major components of a good cigar are all here (sweet, spice, earth). You can really taste the quality of the wrapper tobacco and I think this is a great example of letting the good tobacco speak for itself. A must try.