Aaron Loomis

Gurkha Pure Evil Toro

Personal Cigar Review: Gurkha Pure Evil Toro

The Gurkha Pure Evil Toro had a nice start, with a velvety smoke delivery. The second third dropped a level as the flavor profile wasn't quite as interesting and maintained that level the rest of the way. I liked how the cigar started, and really wished it could have kept the cinnamon component throughout. I would be interested in trying the Robusto vitola to see how that fared, but I'm not really sure that I'd come back to this Toro.

Cigar News: Don Doroteo El Alcalde Announced

Don Doroteo Cigars announces the'' El Alcalde” cigar brand to make its debut at the PCA Convention & International Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada later this month. Don Doroteo presents El Alcalde which continues the company’s mission to honor the family Patriarch Doroteo Fermin Delgado.

Cigar News: Aganorsa Leaf Arsenio Announced

Aganorsa Leaf is proud to announce a new line of cigars—Aganorsa Leaf Arsenio—in memory of our Master Blender Arsenio Ramos who passed in 2018. The blend will be produced annually in limited quantities.

San Cristobal Revelation Legend

Personal Cigar Review: San Cristobal Revelation Legend

The San Cristobal Revelation Legend had a nice start, with a good combination of flavors and then dropped a level in each third as the profile lost it's vibrancy and then the char and wood bitterness joined in. I was hoping the chocolate fudge aroma from the wrapper pre-light was indicating a fair amount of chocolate in the profile, but it was very short lived. Overall, not a cigar I'd see myself coming back to.

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Robusto

The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Robusto had a nice flavor profile through the first two thirds with good balance and flavor delivery. The final third dropped a level as some wood bitterness joined in and the black pepper became very light. This is a pretty nice Connecticut shade offering and definitely a step up from the Maduro for me. The price point is attractive and I'd be interested in trying some of the other vitolas.

Cigar News: Cigar Release List – February 2024

Monthly, we will put together a list of all of the cigars that were released, or announced to be released, in the previous month. This should give you an easy way to stay in tune with new releases.

Cigar News: 601 La Bomba Warhead X Announced

Espinosa Premium Cigars is proud to announce the release of the 601 La Bomba Warhead X. This Warhead X is the tenth installment of our very successful limited release cigar.

Gurkha 35th Anniversary Toro

Personal Cigar Review: Gurkha 35th Anniversary Toro

The Gurkha 35th Anniversary Toro had an average flavor profile throughout. The stale, dry, toasted cedar was the main player and didn't really set a tone for an exciting smoking experience. I appreciate the low cost for an anniversary cigar, but it just didn't deliver on flavor, and that's what I'm here for. I don't see returning to this cigar.